Recycling and reusing our old stuff should be practiced by every member of the household for you to save on expenses and also help in the nation’s environmental conservation efforts. But aside from these practices, regular waste removal is a necessary process that you must apply at home or at work. There are many ways […]

With the planet facing so many different environmental challenges these days, it is up to every person to do their part in order to protect it to the best of their abilities. The first step towards doing this is to adopt a green lifestyle. There are many ways that a person can go about doing […]

How to Offset Your Printing Footprint – An infographic by the team at

In the 21st century, the businesses that want to stand out from the pack are the ones that look into going green. As more people start to realize the necessity of living sustainably, they will look for green companies to buy their goods and services. When you make an investment to make your company more […]

Trading Waste Paper

A few weeks ago, we visited Davao City to buy from a local waste paper collector and trader. We have been  looking for more suppliers, we found 3 more but their inventories were already sold out for the next months. They were sold to local paper mills  but every time there are excess tonnage, they […]

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