There is an entire branch of psychology that focuses on the subject of behavior. Unlike cognitive psychology, which focuses on the way people think, behavioral psychology focuses on what people do. Granted, they’re strongly linked. What people think of, they often do, and what they do, they always think of. The two branches of psychology […]

Living the American dream often involves the purchase of a home and starting a family. Having children always changes the focus on what is important in life. You work hard to make sure they have a good life and can grow up as strong self-reliant adults. Tragedy can strike at any time and a fire […]

Busy moms who are looking to get back into shape, or staying there, have a really hard time. Between juggling work, home, kids, lunch, and a bunch of other obligations, it’s sometimes near impossible to find time for themselves, hit the gym or work out at home. Dieting is also a huge problem, especially when […]

Its never to early to plan about your retirement. While you are still young and able, you should be able to set a considerable amount for the activities you intend to do when you reach your age of retirement. Some people think about traveling or moving to another part of the country while others simply […]

You are having your first baby and you have decided you want to breast feed your newborn. You have never breast feed before so you are not sure what lies ahead. You will definitely be creating an unbreakable bond between you and your little one and you have the peace of mind knowing you are […]

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