I heard good feedback from mommies who practice homeschooling for their kiddos. Home school is different from home study. The difference between home study and and home school is:   Home study is schooling supervised by a teacher or a tutor who drops by a student’s house.  While  home school  is a form of education where […]

Comfortable Study Nook

When you have school kids, one of your projects should be a comfortable study area where they can concentrate on working on their projects and assignments.  I’ve searched for models of study areas that we can copy for our home, but I also want to make green adjustments for these. My husband and I want […]

My son was crying today while calling me on the phone. He don’t have any assignment but actually her Ate checked his student manual last night and found no details of such assignment. Then he pointed out that assignment was given a week ago and today is the submission date. I felt pity for my […]

Every semester, college students get new subjects and a new list of textbook requirements. Most college textbooks are pricey and to save on textbook purchases, many students discovered the gift of renting out non-major subject textbooks. Textbook rentals are a special service offered my many online textbook rental companies for college students on a budget. […]

In the wildly competitive and demanding world of today, what does it take to reach your goals and stand out? With tailor-fit tools that include learning context, curriculum, enrichment activities, support groups, and a standard to benchmark against, homeschooling has been made a prime educational option and means to achieve success in modern society. Locally, […]