Every day we leave our mark on the world when we waste water, litter, and refuse to recycle. These seemingly small acts leave mother earth more depleted than she was before. Luckily, there are many different ways that we can change our negative impact on the world. None of these actions are time consuming or […]

Maintaining a beautiful and healthy yard in an earth-friendly way may seem like a difficult task, however, there are a few things you can do to make the job easier. There are ways to keep your yard flourishing and green, with minimal bug interruption, without punishing the earth with harmful chemicals. Earth Approved Methods… Save […]

Oh my God! Its a dream to have these tree house village in my backyard. Peter Bahouth built this tree house village to have a getaway  right in  his own backyard!  These were all made from recycled materials and some were bought from flea markets. Awesome green project!

There are two main reasons it’s important for people to reduce their energy consumption. The first reason is to help reduce global warming, and the second is to save money. Sites like comparetexasenergyproviders.com can help you find the best deal in Texas for your energy needs. Energy Saving Tips There are many ways to reduce […]

Recycling and reusing our old stuff should be practiced by every member of the household for you to save on expenses and also help in the nation’s environmental conservation efforts. But aside from these practices, regular waste removal is a necessary process that you must apply at home or at work. There are many ways […]

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