When the temperature starts rising, you cannot wait to get outside and have a little fun in the sun. You might not realize that the sunscreen you use contains a large number of harsh chemicals that can cause an allergic reaction, skin irritations and other problems. If you have kids at home, you might worry […]

The festive season and the shift into the New Year can be an immensely busy time for all businesses. There is so much to sort out before all business shuts down over the Christmas week and getting everything sorted, so that you are ready to start of the brand New Year in the best possible […]

Almost everybody in the world today is concerned about the environment and many are hard on the heels of “living green.” We learn all about it on the television, the internet and other forms of media, and we all want to prevent further damage to our environment. Same thought goes on to cleaning professionals who […]

  Consumers like companies that care, especially ones that care about our environment! Thousands of companies are moving towards more eco-friendly options. Eco-friendly packaging, recycling options, environmentally friendly product manufacturing, and all natural ingredients are just a few `practices that more and more companies are incorporating into their business ethics. It is important that we […]

Blauer is a trusted name where you can find in police uniforms. Design and the materials these uniforms are made from are a constant concern at Blauer. They design their uniforms with ease of fit, always a foremost concern, for our personnel in blue. Loose and non-restricting, these uniforms, provide the professionals wearing them the […]

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