With all the talk about GMO food, pesticides and the growing importance of eating organically, it makes sense to grow your own food so you know exactly what is going into it. Starting your own garden does not have to be as big a job as it seems. The best thing to do is start […]

Home improvements around the globe had been buzzing with “going green” methods and practices. This trend is more likely to be pushed through the coming years. The shift to being green can be easily applied when you buy appliance or install windows and HVAC which are energy efficient. However, when it comes to gardening and […]

Is the family breeder’s salary limited? Then you really have to apply thrifty living to have all family needs fit into the budget. With the downturn of economy, parents indeed have to be resourceful in any aspect of their lives. However, here are helpful tips to survive daily struggle. Save money by being careful on […]

As I have posted in my kids blog, this photo is the actual project of Alexa done in school. It took me a few days before I finally got my phone and took a photo of it. This is extra special for my little girl as she was the one who really did it in […]

In around 30 days, we will celebrate already the birth of our Jesus Christ, for which we call it “Christmas”. Its the day of giving giving, sharing blessings and normally a big family gathering, which means – we need to buy a lot of gifts as the grandchildren, godchildren and kids a like will expect […]

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