Living the American dream often involves the purchase of a home and starting a family. Having children always changes the focus on what is important in life. You work hard to make sure they have a good life and can grow up as strong self-reliant adults. Tragedy can strike at any time and a fire […]

Are you Ready to Have a Baby?

For some women, having a child is not on top of their life goals. There are so many reasons and most of it are valid although some would never really understand. But when the time comes that you start catching yourself thinking about baby names and you start checking out those cute baby clothes while […]

Everyone looks forward to summer. It is a time associated with warm weather, barbecues, vacations, and fun. It is also a time of year when kids are out of school. On the one hand, this means that there is more time to relax and to enjoy family fun. On the other hand, it means that […]

Dealing with Divorce

Going through a divorce is one of the most painful experiences that a person can experience. The emotional toll that a divorce can take on a person can be absolutely devastating. However, the emotional stakes are raised significantly whenever there are children involved. A contentious divorce where child custody is being disputed can be extremely […]

Its never to early to plan about your retirement. While you are still young and able, you should be able to set a considerable amount for the activities you intend to do when you reach your age of retirement. Some people think about traveling or moving to another part of the country while others simply […]

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