Trucks and utility vans are ideal for many businesses. They can haul large loads of cargo, capable of heavy duty handling and so much more. However, they don’t have the best maneuverability. Large pickups and work vans need a rearview camera to make it easier on the driver and safer on other vehicles as well […]

Cost of car ownership has recently come under fire. Reports have shown that some vehicle makers really aren’t making the kind of valuable cars that are worth the same as their competitors. With the cost of repairs, maintenance, insurance and depreciation lowering the value over five years, there are some car makers who are calling […]

Reliable Repair Shop

Looking for a reliable place to get your family’s vehicle checked over? Look no further than the wonderful and knowledgeable team at Western Pennsylvania Toyota Dealers Service. Here, you can get basic maintenance such as oil change, air filter replacements, or routine checkups to ensure your vehicle is running efficiently. Conveniently located near Pittsburgh tire […]

In 3 days, we will be flying to Cagayan de Oro to spend our Christmas holidays. Hubby will later join us as he still has some important matters to attend to in Dumaguete. The boys are overly excited but the first question they raised was : Does lola has a car? Luckily, my mom bought […]

As part of its advocacy to promote environmental awareness, SEAOIL has started a recycling drive where customers get cash in exchange for returning empty SEAOIL lubricant bottles to any SEAOIL station nationwide. The program will run until August 31, 2011. Customers can get 30 pesos if they return a 4-liter SEAOIL MAKO 5W40, and 10 […]

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