Have you always dreamed of buying and remodeling an older home? This can be an exciting project. Restoring the house to its former glory, and preserving the history creates a unique opportunity. Older homes have a charm that is difficult to replicate in new houses. Therefore, many people want to preserve the history, while adding more modern conveniences.

Where to Start

Each room will have its own challenges. The rooms in older homes are generally smaller and windows larger. The living rooms were often attached to another room known as a parlor. Do you want to leave this aspect or expand the living room?

The kitchen is another area where you will need to decide just how to add modern appliances and retain the history of the home. It is possible to do so while incorporating historic elements such as cabinets, lighting, and other furniture of the era the home was built.

The Floors

Another part of the home that you will want to consider when remodeling is the floors. Many older homes had hardwood floors, but over time they may have deteriorated. Wood can warp and decay. When floors cannot be refinished there are options that can provide a look very similar to the original. One example of a company offering rustic planks is Colonial Plank Floors.


If you know the original color of the home, you may opt to have it repainted the same color. If the home has been repainted many times, you can consult with an expert that can find the original color. This is difficult because many times the paint has faded and undercoats were almost always used on older homes.

The paint can also oxidize and change colors. Different areas of the home will need to be inspected because often the trim, porch floors and ceilings, and shutters were painted different colors.

One thing to keep in mind when restoring an older home is that there are companies that sell items that look like antiques. When it is not possible to find the actual item you are looking for, it can be replaced with a “look-alike”.

Before beginning a restoration project, do the research on homes built in the same era of your home. Getting a feel for the original home before beginning will help you to enjoy and feel pride in the project when it is finished.