A new house on a fledgling homestead will require a little bit of tender love and care for it to feel like home sweet home. Homestead homes are incredibly cozy and radiate a warm hospitable atmosphere to guests. There are a few ways to incorporate that homesteading spirit into the home’s atmosphere quickly, giving them a try might prompt some heartwarming compliments from friends and family during their visits!

Using Natural Decor

Nature provides lots of beautiful and decorative items for the home; there might just be a bit of searching involved, though. Wildflowers are one of the most commonly used decorations from nature. There are also beautiful driftwood formations, geodes, gem stones, feathers, antlers, and so much more lurking within the wild. Wooden accents are very popular among rustic homesteads, too.

Organic, Handmade Furniture

Many furniture pieces produced today contain multiple chemicals that are considered dangerous. This is all part of the production and preservation process, and many pieces are imported from overseas factories; manufacturing might not be as strictly regulated in those locations. There are organic and homemade furniture options out there, though! Lake Oswego furniture boasts lots of handmade pieces. There is also the option to make one’s own furniture, which could be a very exciting homestead project.

Making Blankets from 100% Local Wool & Cotton

Is it possible for a home to have too many blankets? It seems as though the coziest of homes are always teeming with blankets: enough to warm an army. Making handmade blankets for the home is a great side project, especially if they are made of wool or cotton from local farms. Cotton is a very breathable fabric, and is perfect for sensitive skin. Wool is heavy and warm, even the thinnest wool blankets will keep a person very warm! Handmade, natural blankets make beautiful throws for the living space or couch. It invites people to stay a while and cuddle up as the night cools.

Freshly Baked Goods

Many homesteads make their own bakery goods daily, from loaf bread to rolls and sweet goods. The smell of freshly baked bread and rolls causes visitors to melt in their shoes, anticipating a wonderful homemade meal. It never hurts to invite a surprise visitor in for a sandwich or some freshly baked cookies.

While every house can become a home, a homestead is really quite special. Extra love goes into all of the different aspects of the household, from the cozy blankets to the beautiful wildflowers that are strategically and gently arranged in their vases daily.