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Checking your car before every trip is a simple yet very effective method of avoiding potential problems during your trip. Keeping your car well-maintained and in top shape also help you save on fuel costs and repairs due to avoidable breakdowns. Here are some car care tips to help keep your car running smooth.

Car maintenance does not need to be tedious. You can check your oil levels every week only to ensure that you do not run dry. Oil or fluids running dry can be extremely costly and damage your engine. Change oil is required every 3000 miles as it can become dirty and sluggish over time. Fan belts and air hoses should also be checked every time you go for an oil change.

Antifreeze needs to be changed every year. You need to have this done professionally since it needs to be flushed out of the system and replaced with a new coolant. On the other hand, Transmission fluids needs regular check-up and changed every 36,000 miles. Look around your garage or driveway for leaks and take note of the color of the fluid so that you can discuss your issue for servicing. Knowing what fluid leaks can help determine the severity of your car problem.

Air conditioning systems and heating system needs to run every month even if it is winter or summer to keep them working properly. Check your brakes regularly also for wear and tear. Avoid sudden stops as it can wear down brake pads faster. Your batteries also need to be cleaned off white deposits which may form on the terminals. Rotate your tires every 7,000 miles and check for punctures, bulges and tire wear.

Waxing your car at least once per season does not only give your car a shine factor, it also protects it from rust. Make sure you get an under was for the under carriage at least every six months. Your car’s recommended schedule is indicated in the manual and following this will help prevent unexpected breakdowns and save lots from repair costs.