There is an entire branch of psychology that focuses on the subject of behavior. Unlike cognitive psychology, which focuses on the way people think, behavioral psychology focuses on what people do. Granted, they’re strongly linked. What people think of, they often do, and what they do, they always think of. The two branches of psychology focus on very specific theories and laws concerning either thought of behavior.

Behavior is one of the most perplexing areas of psychology. How people behave is often secret and difficult to understand. Someone who behaves in a violent manner is especially perplexing to people who view violence as inexcusable unless it’s in the realm of self-defense. Everyday behaviors become a problem when they cause anxiety, avoidance, and anger. Abstaining from behavior can also be a problem for people. For example, a person who is afraid to drive has a phobia of driving, and they avoid that behavior for a reason that they might not even know.

Behavioral therapy Alexandria VA is designed to help people conquer their phobias and get rid of unwanted behaviors. An example of an unwanted behavior is excessive washing of the hands. People who excessively wash their hands often have breakouts on their hands and it can cause them a great deal of stress to repeatedly wash their hands throughout the day. People seek out therapy in order to get rid of unwanted behaviors or to be able to confidently perform behaviors that scare them, such as driving.

An initial intake is taken to assess the person’s mental state and their current problems. If the person performing the therapy is qualified, they will diagnose the person if necessary. Based on that diagnosis, they can treat the problem just like a regular medical doctor treats a physical ailment. Exposure to phobias, a little bit at a time, can help to get rid of much of the unpleasant symptoms associated with behavioral disorders.

Other disorders associated with behavior might have a physical cause. For example, children with ADHD have a chemical disorder that affects their behavior. With medication and therapy, they can have very successful lives that don’t suffer from the intrusions of their disorder’s symptoms. It’s all about symptom control with these disorders. Anyone who thinks they might have a behavioral condition is strongly urged to seek counseling and get the help that they need.