Utility bills, especially electricity bills are pretty much getting ugly. Finding the solution to reduce electrical consumption is quizzical to many, but in fact, it is just plain and simple. Here are some tips that you must start working on!

  • Use natural light. Open your windows and let the light shine through. There is no need to turn on a 60-watt bulb when you have a renewable source outside during daylight.
  • Turn off and unplug what is not used. Appliances on standby silently consume current approximately 10% of your annual bill. It would be best if you unplug it to reduce electricity cost and also prevent fire mishaps.
  • Use a ceiling fan. If it is hot, then you can make use of a ceiling fan. It can make the room feel 10 degrees cooler while not using too much electricity.
  • Efficiency in refrigeration. Fridge should maintain a temperature between 2°C to 3°C while the freezer should be -18°C. In addition to this, always keep the appliance full. The coolness is absorbed by the products and this could minimize the escape of cool temperature.
  • Solar panels. The sun is a renewable source of energy. Hence, its energy can be converted into something useful— electricity to power up your home.

How to save on electricity? Simply start with the basics— be a responsible household member in using electricity.