Every day we leave our mark on the world when we waste water, litter, and refuse to recycle. These seemingly small acts leave mother earth more depleted than she was before. Luckily, there are many different ways that we can change our negative impact on the world. None of these actions are time consuming or complicated. However, they all require a more earth conscious attitude and just a little time.


Turn the Water Off
If you’re not using the water, turn it off. Don’t let it run. The same goes for long showers. A 30-minute shower is not necessary. Try cutting it down to 15 minutes to conserve more water. If your city allows it, start a rain barrel to use rain water to hydrate your lawn and plants. There are many ways that we can reduce our water consumption if we really want to. There are even toilets that conserve water by not using as much. In addition, you can install shower fixtures that help reduce your water consumption.


Recycle those Empty Wrappers & Cans
Don’t throw that can in the trash. Put it in the recycle bin. Recycling only takes a second but it helps mother earth and its inhabitants in so many ways. Recycled goods get a second, third, and maybe fourth chance to be useful for someone. Plastic wrappers and containers can be recycled as along with glass and other materials. Take a few minutes to place recyclable items in the recycle bin instead of sending more trash to the landfills.


Turn those Lights off
The sun puts out a lot of light during the daytime hours. Give your electric bill a break by turning off the lights and conserving a little electricity. Light colored or sheer curtains allow daylight to come into a room. Turn off the lights and open the curtains. Also, turn lights off when they are not being used. These simple steps save you money and also help to conserve energy use. Becoming earth conscious is easy and uncomplicated. You won’t need catalyst cleaning services to make simple changes.


It’s not hard to reduce our carbon footprint on the world if we really want to. Pay attention to your day to day practices and you will find many areas where you can conserve energy, recycle used containers, and cut back on excessive water consumption. Take the steps needed to be more earth conscious. It won’t cost you a lot of time or energy.