Do you ever watch television remodeling shows and find yourself drooling over some of the kitchens that you see? Some of the renovations that they do might not work for your kitchen like ripping out and replacing the counters with marble, spending thousands on custom cabinets or putting down natural stone flooring. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make some basic changes though. Adding one or more of the most luxurious kitchen appliances can improve the look of your kitchen and make you feel like a celebrity.

Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Anyone who loves the taste of coffee will love that flavor even more when it comes from a super automatic espresso machine. These machines feature a bean hopper and a grinder. You can safely store beans for weeks at a time in the hopper without the flavor changing, and with one press of a button, the maker will grind the beans and begin the brewing process. These machines also have built-in recipes and buttons that let you make drinks like a cappuccino or an espresso lungo from the comfort of your kitchen.

Sub Zero Ice Maker

Though many refrigerators come with an ice maker built inside, those machines usually only produce a small amount of ice daily. A Sub Zero ice maker is a luxury that you’ll use every day. These ice makers can churn out enough ice for any party and will let you keep perfectly formed ice cubes on hand that  add a special touch to a cold drink. When you work with a company that specializes in Sub Zero ice maker repair, you can get fast help for any issues that make the ice look slightly cloudy and problems that change the flavor of that ice.

Commercial Range

If you love cooking for a crowd, a commercial range is a good addition to your kitchen. These ranges can churn out all the perfectly cooked meals that your family loves and helps you cook those dishes even faster. You can customize your range with burners that can support heavier pots and grates for grilling inside. Commercial ranges come with built-in ovens that use either traditional heating methods or convection heating like the pros use. Picking any of these luxury appliances for your home kitchen will completely change the way you feel about cooking for your family and will make you want to spend more time whipping up dishes.