If you have experience in a machining operation, you have without a doubt heard about the importance of metalworking fluids and lubricants. Typically, these products are mixed with water where about 90 percent of the mixture is water. Their purpose is to carry away the heat that is generated as a result of the cutting that takes place. These metalworking fluids are commonly referred to as “coolants” for that reason. What many people fail to realize, however, is that lubricity is an important element in metalworking fluids as well. In addition, a good fluids management program can not only improve performance and quality, but it can result in significant cost savings as well.

Those who are interested in implementing some of the most advanced technology available in the metalworking and lubricants area may want to take a look at programs like the MQL system that has been developed by Maglube. This program is designed so that only a small quantity of fluid is required to provide the cooling and lubricity that is required for top-quality operations.

A good lubricant package is formulated so that the heat is carried off by the chips that are removed by the cutting operation. This eliminates fumes and mists that are generated from the cutting action when traditional systems are used. The fluid is delivered to the area of the cut just prior to the time when the cutting tool contacts the stock. Air pressure is used so that the minimum quantity of fluid can be used. These new fluids offer lubricity packages that are as much as 300 times higher in lubricity than conventional fluids. The lubricity itself will also minimize the amount of heat that is generated. This will extend tool life and result in savings over and beyond those that are realized from the cost of the fluids alone. Extended tool life not only provides a direct savings on the cost of the tooling, but fewer tool changes are necessary as a result. Consequently, even more savings are achieved.

One thing that is important to understand in today’s machining world is that metalworking fluids are not a one-size-fits-all type of product. These products can be matched up with a particular type of machining in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. For example, a cutting operation is likely to require a different package than a grinding operation. Even though many facilities use the same type of fluid for both, this is not ideal. Your metalworking fluids supplier can work with you to come up with the best package.