Living the American dream often involves the purchase of a home and starting a family. Having children always changes the focus on what is important in life. You work hard to make sure they have a good life and can grow up as strong self-reliant adults. Tragedy can strike at any time and a fire can break out in a home. In a two-story house, apartment building, condominium or townhouse you and your children can be caught on an upper floor with no seeming way to escape. There is an alternative to jumping and getting injured in an emergency situation.

Easy to Use Stowaway Safety Ladder

Safely tucked in your closet or under a bed, rely on an easy-to-use stowaway safety ladder to offer the ultimate escape route. You simply open the window, place the hooks over the windowsill and the escape ladder will roll down using gravity. You can then climb out onto the ladder and help your children make it to safety.

Strong Enough to Help Kids Escape

They are rated to hold over 1,000 pounds at a time, so more than one person can navigate the ladder at once. This is important since small children will be frightened and understandably upset. You can help one child at a time until everyone has made a safe exit from the burning structure. It is one of the easiest devices designed that holds up in real-life situation.

Perfect for All 2-Story and Above Structures

Apartment-style living has become common in areas that are highly populated. It tends to be a more affordable housing option for families. No matter how much planning you do to prepare for a fire emergency, access to doorways might be blocked. It makes sense to invest in a stowaway ladder as an added precaution. It requires minimal space for storage and will literally provide a way to save the lives of you and your entire family.

Durable and Dependable Product

The links in the steps are made of durable metal. They are flexible enough to easily roll up and place in an out-of-the-way area, but will stand the test of time. You can rest easy that a rescue ladder is ready to go at any moment it is truly needed.

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