While it is true that hotels cater to a variety of guests, there are some amenities that travelers enjoy across the board, even when those guests are road warriors or once-a-year leisure vacationers. Any guest, for example, can enjoy hotel bathroom amenities. Surveys continually show that patrons perceive hotel amenities as tiny thank-you’s for their business. The level of amenities provided, therefore, is one way hotels can demonstrate to their visitors that they appreciate their choice to stay at their establishment over another.

Here are four hotel amenities hotel guests enjoy the most.


Since TSA guidelines continue to remain strict on what can and cannot pass through the airport gates and onto airplanes, many fliers find themselves traveling without their toiletries. Even those who drive to their destination may not always pack the right amount of bathroom essentials, so toiletries remain an appreciated hotel amenity. Basic bottles of shampoo, conditioner and lotion are welcome sights as well as bars of soap, and disposable toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Complimentary Movie Library

Most hotel guests know that if they would like to watch a premium movie not being shown through the available cable channel lineup they will incur a fee. Hotels that have started providing a complimentary movie library, in digital or DVD form, are not only surprising guests, but also making their stay a little more cost-effective and enjoyable.

Meals at Any Time

A hotel, like any other business, maximizes its profits when it runs at peak efficiency. Having meal hours gives the kitchen staff time to serve its meal and then, clean up their area for the next one. Some guests, though, are not able to attend meal times for whatever reason. Not having strict meal times may require some extra planning on the part of the hotel kitchen staff, but it is also a great way for a hotel to maximize guest satisfaction.

Stocked Mini Bar

Stocked mini bars remain popular among hotel guests, and it is not always because they consist of alcoholic beverages. Bottles of water, premium coffee pods for the coffee maker or a bag of snack pretzels can hit the spot while getting ready for the day or after a long day of soaking in the local sights.

Running a successful hotel is a balancing act, but there are hotel amenities all guests enjoy despite a diverse profile.