People get so caught up in their preparations for winter weather that they forget that their community has to be prepared as well. It takes a great deal of planning for a community to be ready for the winter, and the planning starts when the budget is being prepared for the following year. As the winter weather rolls in, you can usually see the steps your community is taking to make sure that the snow does not grind the entire community to a halt.

Road Maintenance Preparations

To make sure the roads are clear and safe for driving, your community uses everything from bulk road salt to cold road patch. The salt helps to remove the ice from the roads, and that patch is used during breaks in the weather to fill in the new potholes that have formed. Your community usually has plenty of overtime pay for your snowplow drivers set aside in the annual budget to make sure the roads are always safe.

Tagging Fire Hydrants

The winter weather does not stop fires from occurring. During the early fall, you will usually see workers placing tall flags at all of the fire hydrants to help firefighters to find hydrants when they need them. These tall flags also alert the plow drivers to where the hydrants are located to the plow drivers can make sure that the area in front of the hydrants is plowed clear.

Sidewalk Maintenance

In most communities, the local government expects home and business owners to keep the sidewalks in front of their properties clear of snow and ice. The community owned buildings also need to allow for safe passage during the winter, and that is why the community invests in hand-operated snow throwers and salt for the sidewalks. Because your local government owns so much property, it would be impractical to ask workers to shovel each time it snows. That is why your community has snow throwers to keep public walkways clean and safe.

As the winter approaches, you will start to see signs of your community preparing to handle the dangers of winter. While you are cleaning out your gutters and placing insulated plastic over your windows, your community government is also making sure that it has everything it needs to handle whatever winter has in store for the coming months.