Home cleaning is one major chore for the whole family especially for the mothers. However, there is no need to fret since thereis a natural solution that will help you get rid of bothersome grime, dirt, insects, and many more. One of these is lemons.

Lemons are way too essential in the kitchen. Almost every household have a couple of these for food garnishing. However, this ingredient is not only vital in cooking, but as well as in home cleaning.

  • Freshen up your fridge. The annoying stench coming from your fridge can be resolved by simply leaving a cotton ball dabbed with lemon juice for hours inside the fridge.
  • Get rid of roaches and fleas. To get rid of roaches and fleas, clean your floors with a mixture of four lemon juice in a 2-liter water.
  • Fabric bleacher. To remove stains, pour in a combination of baking soda and lemon juice in the water. Afterwards, soak the stained clothes.

To sum it up, lemons are indeed effective company in home cleaning. It can be used as deodorizer, insect repellant, and bleacher.