Many people don’t associate the oil and natural gas industry with eco-friendly practices, but one company has been going above and beyond to promote more eco-friendly practices and even donates large sums of money to incredible charities. Next time you think badly about all companies associated with drilling, reconsider your opinion! Quality Mat Company regularly promotes a more eco-friendly approach to the matting industry for natural gas and oil drilling.

Quality Mat sells and produces rig mats that not only help the industry perform their jobs more efficiently and safely, but also cause less of an environmental impact than older temporary road and platform solutions that utilized filler rock. The all wood mats that Quality Mat also produces helps maintain the natural homeostasis of sensitive land by allowing water to still reach soil. This original mat design promotes grass growing long after the mats are pulled up.

Regardless of how you feel about the drilling industry, the eco-conscious approach Quality Mat takes to matting is something to respect. Small changes can lead to huge impacts from designing more eco-friendly mats to donating to charitable organizations. Quality Mat regularly donates to amazing charities such as: Girl’s Haven, Boy’s Haven, Desire Street Ministries, and Julie Roger’s Gift of Life. It’s truthful to assume that Quality Mat Company believes in small changes leading to bigger and better things!