Military Gear that Fits like a Glove

Durable, well-constructed military multicam gear is important. If your jacket does not last through your mission, it is going to impair your effectiveness. However, just surviving is not good enough. Your gear has to work for you; it has to fit you and your mission. Sometimes you do not have time to make adjustments or to stop to get to important gear or ammunition. That is why having the best military gear is vital. No matter where you go or what you do you have to think things through before you go out into the field. That means not just taking the time to plan what you are going to do and how you are going to do it, it means going into every detail.

Your hands are vital, and protecting them with military gloves one of the smartest things you can do. Having the right equipment, in the right place, just where you can reach it is absolutely no good at all if you cannot use your hands. That is you also need the appropriate gloves to protect the tools you were born with. Before you select your gloves consider what your mission entails and the environmental factors you are going to subject your hands to. You need different gloves to work with chemicals that the ones you use for mechanics. Likewise subzero gloves are decidedly different from the ones you would use in the desert.

Whether you are going to be in the jungle, the desert or the arctic you have to set up what you are taking, what gear you need and what you are going to wear. Getting it right can make all the difference in the world, getting it wrong can too. Getting it wrong can mean the difference between success, injury and even death. This is not where you want to cut back on quality; either in your planning or your gear.

Your best mission critical gear is what you were born with, and that includes a brain and opposable thumbs. So, use your brain and get the gloves and gear you need to complete your mission and come out alive on the other side. Think of it this way, the ones who get it right make history, the ones who do not are statistics.