When you have school kids, one of your projects should be a comfortable study area where they can concentrate on working on their projects and assignments.  I’ve searched for models of study areas that we can copy for our home, but I also want to make green adjustments for these. My husband and I want to create a study nook with big windows that can light up the room so we can save on electricity. We are also thinking of segregating sheets of papers that the kids can use for scratch and crafts and those that are clean and new for their projects and assignments.

While our kids are young we want to teach them about saving resources and green practices. My husband and I are hoping that they would grow up to be responsible students and that they will always think twice about wasting anything. I remember wasting hundreds of sheets of paper when I was making my thesis and essays and college, this time I’ll make sure that my kids will be considering the effects of such wastage. If only there already exists www.911e​ssay.com​ years ago, then I would not be too confused with how to go about writing my essays and waste that much paper