In 3 days, we will be flying to Cagayan de Oro to spend our Christmas holidays. Hubby will later join us as he still has some important matters to attend to in Dumaguete. The boys are overly excited but the first question they raised was : Does lola has a car? Luckily, my mom bought a second hand Starex Van last year after her sugarcane harvest. So at least, we will be comfortably traveling between Cagayan de Oro and Bukidnon. My brother, the driver of my mom, mentioned to me once that he would like install a gps vehicle tracking in the car. I wonder if that is already available in the Philippines.

Buying second hand vehicle could be cheaper but there are a lot of issues to consider prior to buying. My mom bought it instantly without realizing its true nature. Luckily, she picked a second hand with still superb mechanism. These kind of vehicles already considered as trash in our countries but for a third world country like ours, its still a jewel.